Why do I suck at this game? Part 2: Ladder, Tournaments, and Pressure (Interview with Kolemoen)

Benjamin Pfannstiel, better known as Kolemoen, certainly made his mark on the competitive Gwent scene. After consistently qualifying for tournaments, winning Gwent Open #6 and recently finishing #1 in Pro Rank Season 8, it's safe to say that he cemented himself as one of the best players in this games 2-year history. 
To get an insight on how he approaches the game, I contacted him for a short Interview.

Gnurrgard: First of all, congratulations on a remarkable season, finishing #1 with a phenomenal winrate. you're set for the next open now right?

Kolemoen: Thanks! Yep I will be at the open in March. I'll probabaly take a bit of a break for the next 1 or 2 weeks and then start preparing

Gnurrgard: Well deserved rest. How did the last day grind turn out for you? Was there any moment where your #1 spot was severly threatened? How much did you have to play that day to secure the spot?

Kolemoen: I actually did not play much the last couple of days as I had a pretty comfortable lead.…

Why do I suck at this game? Part 1: Building your circle

Card games are often seen as games about individuals. This seems logical; you play alone, not with other people. At the end of a tournament or a Pro Ladder season, we see a single name at the top. We see players like Freddybabes or Kolemoen outplaying their opposition. While it is true that these players are where they are due to superior technical play1, I would argue that to truly reach your potential, you need the right people around you. This is what today's article will be about.

1. The skill of making decisions during a game
Finding the right people The narrative about the Gwent Challenger #4 was the tournament preparation of Team Aretuza. Bringing a lineup that was favored against the whole field, ultimately both Damorquis and Andywand made it into the finals, with Damorquis eventually taking home the Skellige Ring.
Now don't worry, you don't need a team like Aretuza behind you to improve yourself (although if you want to go pro joining a team at some p…

Why do I suck at this game? Introduction: Balance, Always and Never

Hey there, Gnurrgard here. This is the first one of a series of posts about how to develop the right mindset to improve. This was heavily requested and is something I wanted to do since my Gwentlemen days. Back then this was supposed to be published under "Getting Better", but now that I don't have any affiliation to a team, I can call it by my initially intended name: Why do I suck at this game?
The ideal scenario would be you reading one post and trying to focus on that aspect for your next game session. Then take the next post for the session after that and so on, improve one step at a time. Focusing on too many things at once can be overwhelming and counterproductive.
Balance, Always and Never A pattern you will see here often is that topics seem to contradict each other. This is because I strongly believe that everything in life needs balance and extremes are something you want to avoid.
Every time you see yourself using the words "always" and "never&…

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